The 5×5 Project Framework


5×5 Project Management Framework – governance


The 5×5 Project Management Governance matrix define aspects and attributes required to manage commitment.


Provide a method to prevent dysfunctional and erratic decision-making that waste resources.



Defines the aspect context.


Defines the responsibility context.


Defines aspects and attributes.


  • Stakeholder identification and management
  • Governance
  • Charter
  • Planning
  • Tasking

The influence or the lack thereof

Immaterial of the style of leadership, a consequence of a decision is that it has a lasting influence on the future, the person making the decision and service delivery.

The impact of decisions plays itself out everyday in the world where technology is essential for delivering or enabling service delivery.

Standards are defined and implemented to improve compliance and interoperability across multiple technology domains and organisation. Remember the transition / migration from C to Java when the promise of cross platform portability was realised? This is a good example where the weaknesses of C were exploited to position Java as a disruptive and alternative. This is a good example how standardised and portable technology has influenced the IT industry and business.

Today, Javascript is a newly discovered technology that is exploiting the weaknesses of Java presenting itself as an alternative development paradigm for delivering reliable solutions. Javascript’s computing requirements and characteristics allow it to extend into domains where the computing capabilities of the underlying infrastructure can be exploited.

We are at a point where disrupting technologies has became the norm. This constant disruption demands that we become adaptable and accepting of change. By embracing change we discover new means of achieving goals and maintaining or improving our position against our competitors.

Software solutions are developed by teams and lead by people that influence the product value realised in contrast to the investment expectations. This influence leaves a legacy that is ultimately reflected in the consumer’s adoption and acceptance of the service.

Furthermore, as technologists, our dogmatic approach towards service delivery influences our decisions and has a lasting impact on our solutions, consumers and us.

Knowledge of the past, wisdom, insight and the ability to decern the adoption of new standards and approaches to solve problems are essential for decision making and embracing change. Visionaries that influence change are not corporations, but individuals that have discovered opportunities and exploit problems to their advantage.

Embracing change will require an ability to lead the transition to an informed future driven by expectations.


What is Picky Packer?

My view on technology and predictions of the future usage.

We all consume services we love and hate. It is sad that big companies do not listen to their clients and are surprised when they fail. Its incredible that arrogance is still a feature of the IT landscape. Just look at Microsoft. They succeeded through innovation and simplifying applications. Then, what do they do – spend billions of dollars simulating other inventions and products – inform their clients how to work. You will pay the ultimate price if you let big corporates influence your decisions. Ask IBM and HP.

My general prediction is that smaller and simpler is going to drive the consumer market going forward. Ask Apple and Samsung.

I am not prepared to pay more then 100 dollars for software any more. By the way free operating systems and development tools are key to any success story going forward. Ask Google and Canonical.

The small guy eventually wins.